RentKiteBoards Agreement

  • I agree to be respectful to others in the RentKiteBoards community
  • I agree to communicate all issues, questions and logistics with the Renter/Owner in a timely manner.
  • I agree to be punctual for the hand-offs at the beginning of a rental period and for the returns at the end of a rental period.
  • I agree that RentKiteBoards is not responsible for the damage, theft, or loss of boards.
  • I agree that RentKiteBoards is not responsible for personal injury.
  • I agree to RentKiteBoards collecting data on my activity while using the site and that this information will be used to improve the service, to target advertising, and to aggregate with data from others who are also using the site.
  • I agree to RentKiteBoards sharing my personal information with Owners/Renters who have both agreed to a board rental. This personal information includes email addresses and cell phone numbers and is meant to be used to coordinate hand-offs and returns.

For Renters

  • I agree to make every effort to return the board(s) in the same or better condition than when I rented it from the Owner
  • I agree to make the Owner immediately aware of any damage to their board.
  • I agree that the Owner has the right to charge me the value of the Deposit if I damage, lose or otherwise return their board in a worse condition than before the rental period.

For Owners

  • I agree to accurately and truthfully describe the present condition of the board on my RentKiteBoards Listing Page.
  • I agree that my board on my RentKiteBoards Listing Page is in good condition and is safe for use by others.
  • I promise to repond to all renters concerns and questions in a timely manner and/or seek help from if ever any help is needed.