Let us add your inventory for you on your rentkiteboards.com storefront

If you are a store owner on our site, and you still do not have your inventory set up, its now time for us to help you add your inventory to the site and ensure people rent your gear via rentkiteboards.com

So that you can enjoy our $250 Gear damage/theft Reimbursement guarantee

Please follow these steps. Do it now - its quick and easy:
  • Sign up here: https://www.rentkiteboards.com/register
  • Email support@rentkiteboards.com with:
    • The email you signed up with
    • A listing of your rental inventory and prices for rental (include make, model, year and if possible a picture)
    • If you have package prices please mention those as well
  • We will then add your inventory and your newly formed account to your shop page on rentkiteboards.com
  • Check out our $250 guarantee on the gear you rent via our site.
Watch this fun video too: 

Curious about the $250 gear rental guarantee? 

Ok here is some more information about it:

  • You must be a "verified owner"
  • If anyone returns a gear to your with damage, or if gear is not returned and you meet our criteria, we will reimburse you up to $250 for the loss, in addition to the deposit you collect from the renter during the rental. 
  • Like anything else of this sort, our lawyers require us to have a lot of fine print, and you can read more of the fine print right here