gear damage/theft Reimbursement guarantee provides a limited Reimbursement Guarantee to Verified Owners (Defined below) for Rentals in Covered Countries (defined below) of up to US$250 per year, per owner (this is in addition and on top of the deposit charged from the Renter by the Owner). Owner understands that the Guarantee is limited to loss or damage to the Item during the scheduled Rental period, and does not cover ordinary wear and tear, any repairs paid for by the Renter, or any loss or damage occurring prior to or after conclusion of the scheduled Rental period. Wear and Tear includes all cosmetic damage, including scratches. The  Guarantee covers only damage that compromises the functionality or safety of the Item. Furthermore, the guarantee does not cover any other property damage, injuries, loss of use or incidental, special or punitive damages - such damages may only be recovered from the Renter directly.

The Guarantee does not cover Items that are stored outside and unsupervised and Owners are advised to notify all Renters of this exclusion. Furthermore, Owner acknowledges and agrees that the Guarantee is only available if accurate and current photographs of the Item have been included with the listing prior to the Rental period, and to the extent such photographs are sufficient to establish the make, model, components and condition of the Item and any accessories (if applicable). All claims under the Guarantee must be initiated within twenty-four (24) hours of return of the Item; late claims will not be honored. Therefore, we strongly encourage all Owners to examine their Items for safety and functionality as soon as possible following a return. No exceptions to the 24-hour rule will be honored.  All claims will only cover the difference between the cost of a replacement to the item less the deposit charged from the renter, and limited to a maximum of $250 per owner per year. The owner is responsible to have collected the deposit when processing the item's return on the site. 

All claims for damage must include photographic evidence of the claimed damage; however, reserves the option to require a physical inspection prior to making any payment under the Guarantee. Any claim for a stolen Item must be accompanied by a police report to be valid. For all claims, Owner may be required to provide additional documentation, such as purchase receipts for the Item and any components, maintenance records, and such other documents as may request in its reasonable discretion.  

Covered Countries currently consist of: United States, Canada, Germany, United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Portugal, France, Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, South Korea, Austria, Japan, New Zealand, Australia and Singapore. The list of Covered Countries is subject to change from time to time, and this Agreement will be updated to reflect any such changes. The Guarantee only provides coverage for Items rented through the platform. No coverage is provided for third party property, personal injuries or other losses, which are the sole responsible of the Renter or the Owner, as applicable.

A "Verified Owner" is an Owner whose Facebook profile is visible and is linked to his/her email that is on file with and whose account on contains a valid photo ID/drivers license photo. A Verified Owner can also be an Owner who is a business whose email and phone number have been verified by staff to belong to a principal agent or employee in the business

An "Owner" is a member of the site that has been promoted in rank from "Renter" to "Owner" by the site administrator via the means chosen by